Monday, March 15, 2021

Play it on Roblox:

2022 September 11th - Updated with NEW Farm Hangout and 2 badges: Expert Farmer & Not the Bees!

2022 June 2nd - Added 2 Epic and 1 Legendary Piñatas: Torn Teddy, Scratchin' Skull & Squishy Police

2022 May 29th - Updated with NEW Dungeon Obstacle Course and 2 badges:

Skavenger Hunt & Dungeon Explorer

2022 February 7th - Updated with NEW Vehicle Sandbox and 2 badges:

Thread the Needle & Crash to Picnic 

2022 January 28th - NEW code: "245LIKES_Electro"

Added a new icon

2022 January 16th - Updated with new queueing map for Vehicle Race & Scavenge

THANKS FOR PLAYING! Redeem code: "200LIKES_Fire"

2022 January 2nd - added Vehicle Decoration

December 17th - Santa time! Redeem these guys with code: "170LIKES_Santa"

December 16th - New vehicle, with unlimited siren powerup. 🚨 Imagine the psychological advantage! 🚔

December 13th - Frosty time! Redeem these guys with code: "150LIKES_Frosty"

December 12th - new scavenge map - Angry Blox

November 29th - new badge/achievement - Piñata Frenzy

November 24th - NEW racetrack! Just in time for Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

November - Thanksgiving week. Thanksgivin' time! Redeem these guys with code: "ThanksgivingTurkey"

November 3rd - Added codes feature. 🎁 Try it out with: "ThanksForPlaying". This one will give you coins, powerups, and piñatas. 

November 3rd - Added global leaderboards: for best race lap times, player levels, race wins, and scavenge playthroughs. 

November 3rd - New "Fart Mining" scavenge map added!

6th of October 2021 - Added the new "Prototype" racetrack.

It has huge funnel, half-pipe, jumps, and more.

Play it on Roblox:

18th of September 2021 - Added lobby tutorial.

11th of September 2021 - Added single-player race practice.

9th of September 2021 - RacePocalypse has been released!

Check the Screenshots page the get a quick idea of what is going on.

Goto the WIP page to see what we are working on.


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