Dungeon Obstacle Course

Entrance to the Vehicle Sandbox from the lobby. You can't miss it with those pink arrows!

Some Angry Blox towers from the scavenge map.

 Congrats to November's fastest racers! NoGood dominated Wild West & Prototype and Marcelloona managed to grab 1st spot on City Race this month. 

Sneak peek of the new Wild West race track. Released soon, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Added something useless (for now) but fun.

Added global leaderboards for best race lap times, player levels, race wins, and scavenge playthroughs. 

New "Fart Mining" scavenge map added!

🏡 Home Sweet Home? I'd move here for sure!

Yikes! 💀 This area might not be meant for noobs.

Improved vehicle control GUI buttons (mobile devices) and added a little play-table to the lobby today.

2021.10.06. - Updated with new "Prototype" racetrack: it has huge funnel, half-pipe, jumps, and more.

Testing at the same time with a new, more cheerful icon.

Updated with tutorial. Get to know fast what's there to do in the lobby!
Does pretty much what it says on the intro stage.

Added single-player race practice: Take any vehicle for a spin around Apocalypse City, while you wait for friends to join.

New images for thumbnails.

Screenshots from a testing session: vehicle race highlights and 1 from the scavenge game mode.

Just look at this happy group of players! This screenshot will be used to make the loading screen image.

Getting awfully close to Open Beta. Just a few more things to tweak.

Another corner of the racetrack.

Another view players will never see as they are restricted to moving along the racetrack.

An outside view players will never see.

Scavenge Obby loading screen images

The End area of the scavenge map is reached by skilled players faster so they can vacuum up most resources and start mining earlier as slower players gradually arrive.

Not sure if environment art or still just level design. Anyway: I enjoy!

Mechanics can't complain. Always lots to fix on the racetrack, especially after low-skilled drivers use powerups or are the target of them. 

Lobby passage from the outside. Only hackers might ever see this view.

Lighting and shadows looking cool in the lobby.

Players can grow a tree on this idyllic clearing and reach a higher area with it, to mine some...

Coins will buy you: 🚗⛏💥🦖

Resources: wood, stone, scrap metal and crystals can be chopped, mined, collected to later convert them into...


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