WIP Stuff

List of stuff we are working on:

Vending Machine & won a crown in a giveaway.

Image for a badge

More progress from the Dungeon Obstacle Course

Treasure chest opening

More dungeon areas progress.

Progress with dungeon areas.

Working on the dungeon obstacle course.

Working on vehicle decoration.

Superhero Landing - Will be a powerup players can use to push things over.

Sneak peek: working on the next race track.

Randomly generated minefield sneak peek

Sneak peek of the new racetrack I am working on. Has huge funnel, halfpipe, jumps, etc. Plays great, now just need to make it look like something. (had no banana at hand, so yellow vehicles for scale)

Started making a loading screen image.

Used this screenshot as blurred BG for some GUI windows.

Working on a map for the SCAVENGE game mode: players rush to reach resource hotspots, chop, mine & collect faster than others before the time runs out. They must overcome various obstacles along the way. This section is the OBBY part. Players can choose from 3 different routes over the lava gap. These are randomized every time.

A racetrack needs many layers like: terrain, decorative meshes, track colliders, camera colliders, killzones, checkpoints, various active elements, ...

Oil-barrel-wood-plank structures appear in "random" places making every race slightly different. Breaking the barrels spawns a slippery oil spill. Talk about an advantage of being in the lead!

Have been working today decorating this mall, the surrounding residential area, and the trailer park next to the final stretch of the racetrack.

Race track "lobby" area. Players spend only a few seconds here as their equipped vehicles are spawned and before being teleported to the starting grid. For the fastest of the bunch, the area also provides stuff to do for 1-2 minutes as they wait for the slowest racers to finish or the time to run out.

The family car division didn't go as planned: some weekend drivers piled up, so organizers had to build a detour through the old police station parking lot. The race must go on!

Huge halfpipe gives a fun and quick way to turn around and is used by skilled drivers to their advantage. Also consider the oil barrels at the bottom.

Some rich folks used to live in this idyllic place before the ...redacted... but now it is just a corner in a post-apocalyptic racetrack.

Undrivable parts with foliage will look similar to this initial area of the city racetrack.

Working on a city racetrack...

Plays nice already, but still ages to decorate such a large racetrack. Takes more than 2 minutes to complete one lap with the slowest vehicle.

Finishing up the lobby. Lots of colliders, lighting, environment decoration all around to wrap it up. Check out screenshots page for progress.

Working on the metal scraps mining area of the lobby. ... done, works nicely. Players can now get/mine scrap metal resource.

ShowOff board about done.

A feature that allows players to show off their achievements in the lobby. Not finished yet, but we went out at midnight and took this photo:

With mobile phone through a telescope.


Store for coins, powerups and piñatas.

Building a store for players who like to spend Robux. In case they don't have the time to have fun with friends mining resources, converting them to coins, powerups and creating piñatas, they can directly purchase these.

We are not sure why you would want to spend money in a free game and skip playing but players like this exist. They are out there and walk among us! 

Let's not be too harsh with them!

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